Friday, 12 July 2013

I Am Looking For The Good

It seems to me that a lot of people in this world are determined to always see the bad. 

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I go onto Facebook & all I see are complaints & negative things. 

I go to work & everyone is whining about their job, their expenses, their kids, their lives.... or, quite obviously, their food (since I work in food). 

I walk through the mall & overhear girls talking about their friends. And it's all bad. All they see is their faults~ they never seem to realize that flaws can be beautiful. I look around me & wonder....

Why are people stubbornly pursuing seeing the bad?

I mean, don't you want to see the good? the happy? the beautiful? the lovely? 

Don't you want to be "worry free" & "annoyingly perky" non-stop? 

{Found Via Google} now let me be blunt (as usual)........

If all you see is the bad, then IT'S YOUR FAULT! 

It is YOUR decision! 

It's not circumstances decision. It's not your family or friend's decision. It's not your job's decision. It's not your health's decision. It's not even God's decision! 

For we know He wants us to be glad in Him, rejoicing always! 

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It truly is seeing the glass half empty, or half full. 

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It's hating the sunburn, or loving the sunshine.

It's seeing the weed, or seeing the flower.

It's feeling ugly, or deciding your beauty will come from within.

It's despising your job, or being grateful you actually have a job.

It's feeling lonely, or appreciating the solitude as it makes God so much more needed!

It's the stressful finances, or the realization others are a lot worse off than you.

It's asking "Why me?" when everything is going wrong, or acknowledging that it will make your stronger.

The choice is your's!

What are YOU going to see? 

Me? I am going to try to look for the good.

Because in looking for the good.... the bad.... the negative...the stress...the worry...the sadness...the depression...the anxiety... the pain.... it will fade.... 

Let it fade. Let it become hard to notice. 

Ready? Set? Be happy! 


  1. HAHA!!!! LOVE YOU!!! I walked in the door last night from a long work day and the first thing i heard (and it lasted for a while) was a string of complaints. "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of thy mouth except that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace unto the hearers" (Eph 4L29) doesn't just mean that the person you are speaking to will be upset (hurt, annoyed, dragged down) by your words and attitude with which you speak them. EVERYONE WITHIN HEARING DISTANCE is affected by your words, whether they respond verbally or not, and whether you are speaking directly TO them or not!!! Just LISTENING to someone "point out the bad" to someone else can chafe YOUR soul, discourage and bring YOU down!
    *steps down off soapbox*
    yes I'm finished now. lol and I complain all the time to, when I shouldn't. It just so happened that last night it was i who was on the receiving end lol
    Good post, my Sue!

  2. Beautiful, Bekah. :) I completely agree!