Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lynette's Visit {Part 7}

Ready for another set of photos?

It's been a rather long day at work. It was very slow, so that makes the time pass slowly.

In all honesty, I always wish for extremely busy days, because then while your feet may feel like they are about to fall off & you don't think you can take dealing with one more crazy customer, the time flew by & you get to go home! 

That being said, settle in with a cup of tea.... another epistle of photos is about to arrive. 

These were all taken out at Ashbridges Bay Park & Beach. Canada Day fireworks! 

 Midnight in downtown Toronto! How awesome!

I LOVE being down there late at night!

For some reason it doesn't spook me at all~ it just seems so fun & cheerful! 


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