Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Murdoch Mysteries Experience {Final Part}

Good evening!

I have been out & about all day, touring around Casa Loma Castle & Toronto Island, taking advantage of a beautiful fall day, cramming in hundreds of more moments captured on film.

Of course, they will show up here eventually. I do believe I took around 1000, so there has got to be a few lovelies in that bunch! *winks* 

For now, here are the last of the photos from MME 2013! 

This is my lovely bestie, Bunnie. 

Sunday's events were held at the Old Mill Inn & Spas. Amazing place! 

Meeting Arwen H, who plays Mrs Brackenreid, was such a delight!
I look so tall. She looks so short. I was in 3 inch heels. She was in flats. Emphasized our height difference.
She is very sweet!!

There was a fashion show. These young men were part of it! Smashing!

I love lighting.

Dianne, one of the lovely coordinators of the event, and my friend.

Dianne with Maureen Jennings, the creator of Murdoch! 

 Melissa, the other coordinator of the event, also my friend.

We were seated at the Enid Jones table.... and we won the quiz! 

The Leiutenant Governer, David Ongley, was there... but I didn't even go & introduce myself, despite having tweeted him (& received responses) before! *smacks forehead* I didn't even get a great photo of him! *argh*
But hey, I was in the same room! LOL 

This lady won the fashion show.

Watching a video created by Bunnie! My bestie is very talented! 

On the left we have Lachlan Murdoch (isn't it amazing he even has that last name?!) who plays Constable Higgens, and then Maureen. 

Well hope you've enjoyed seeing these! I have enjoyed sharing!

Hope to be back soon with plenty more adventures!

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  1. i am IN. LOVE. with the purple flower photo! Of COURSE you won the quiz, and the lady who won the fashion show looks fabulous for that era!! Oh and those little boys!? Oh. My. <3 Cuteness meter broke.