Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Murdoch Mysteries Experience {Part 1}

Alrighty then.... so picking up where I left off last photo post... I gave you a glimpse of a very exciting event that happened the end of August! 
You already know who I met & briefly what I got to see & do, but now, here is the deeper, inside look at the two day event I got to be part of!
I will try to share only my very favorite photos, unlike Facebook (there is incentive for you to join ;) ), so as to get you updated as quickly as possible! 
Let us begin! 
 The school bus ride to the studio was NOIIIIIIISSSSYYYY! Noisier than if kids were on it! *heehee*

I adore this poster! 

Welcome to the morgue! Personally, my favorite place. *grins* 

Hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of what I got to see!

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