Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Day On The Town {Part 4}

I have a lot to check of my "to do" list tonight, to prepare for my trip.

I want to leave my place in a very neat & tidy way, so that way when I get home, I don't walk into chaos of any kind. I find that is very un-nerving, to come home to a mess & lots of work, and I'd rather just relax, knowing I left my place in order. 

So while I am off doing dishes, freezing food, washing uniforms, scrubbing out the fridge, sweeping, emptying garbages, shaking out rugs.... you get the idea.... I am gonna let a few more photos load! 

I know I have NO hope of getting August adventures all posted on here before I leave, but hey, every little bit counts, eh? 

Picking up where we left off.... arriving at Allan Gardens.
Let's head inside, shall we? 

***after you***

Hope you have enjoyed all these photos!
Hang around a bit longer.... there are more to come soon!

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