Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Sneak Peek Into My Current Life & We Return To Casa Loma

Gone for 5 days... that isn't such a dreadfully long time!

I had very good intentions, but as always, life came up! 

Or more specifically, work came up. I picked up a few extra hours, so that meant leaving home earlier & getting home later. 

This past weekend I kept myself very properly entertained by attending a live performance of "I Love Lucy" at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, which was so incredible! The acting was supurb, the music invigorating, and the experience altogether perfection.

I also managed to squeeze in a lovely trip to the new aquarium that has opened in Toronto, "Ripleys Aquarium". Now THAT was a fabulous adventure, ladies & gentleman! You absolutely MUST spend the money & go have a look-see! All ages will be entertained by this 'event'. I definitely am planning a return visit there one day.

Now, shall we continue on with our journey at Casa Loma? 

Into the gardens we go.

This first photo is a definite favorite! Do you see the heart forming around La Tour CN? Even the trees say "I ♥ Toronto!"

Hang onto your hats, cause there are more photos coming in a jiffy!

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