Saturday, 11 January 2014

And With December Came Christmas Baking...

Lots & lots & lots of Christmas baking... 

Mostly done with the help of my bestie, The Bunnie, who spent a couple days with me, just baking from morning until late in the evening. 

Oh the delightful smells that filled my house~ it was a real bakery.... or La Mousie Bakery, as I dubbed it. 

I hope you enjoy seeing photos of the process & the results. 

(WARNING: Do not drool all over your keyboards/phones~ it seems as though technology doesn't always approve of getting wet!)

 Well that is most of the baking! I did do a teeny bit more yet, if you can believe it.... *heehee*

I gave a lot away, as well as froze a ton, and a bunch came with me (in the cold Uhaul where it stayed frozen) back to Saskatchewan! 

So it ended up being a great thing! 

I am hoping to get back into baking soon, when I get caught up on other things! 

Have a good evening! 

1 comment:

  1. ***squeal*** THE MOUSIE COOKIES!!!! That is AWESOME!!! and the chocolate turkey mold is pretty darling also! LOL