Monday, 24 March 2014

Big News: I Am Moving To PEI!

Yes, folks, that's right! This gal is on the move again!

In a few weeks, I will be heading off to spend the summer on an island... Prince Edward Island, in fact... The Island of my dreams, & Lucy Maud Montgomery's too!

For those of you who are Anne of Green Gables fans, I will be living but a mere 20 minutes from Green Gables and many other famous L.M. Montgomery sites! 

It will be a sort of working vacation, and my Mom will be going with me! 

As I mentioned, I will be leaving in a few weeks, and the good Lord willing & the creek don't rise, won't be back until sometime in October. 

I am not sure how much I will be around this blog, but I will try to post photos for those of you who aren't on Facebook or Twitter! 

Although don't forget~ you can still see my ~Instagram Feed~  even if you aren't a member! 
I have it set as a public account!
I am sure I will be posting photos there often!

For now, enjoy looking at a few photos I found online (via Google) of where I will be living!

Now I must be off! 

I have a LOT of deadlines to meet before I move, in the project and preparation area! 

I will try to share the rest of the photos I have taken recently with y'all really soon, and definitely before I head out! 

*So exciting all this*

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  1. awesome! I'm excited for you!!!!!!!! :) Can't wait to hear more! ((hugs)) it's beautiful there!