Thursday, 20 March 2014

What I Wore: Old Fashioned In Pink

Well these photos aren't that great, and honestly, I am not even sure I particularly like this outfit.

But it's conservative, warmer, and comfy... so I thought maybe it would give some of you gals an idea for your own wardrobe. 

~The Items~
Jean Skirt ~ Sewn by Mom
Polka Dotted Button Up Shirt ~ Thrift Store
Pink Sweater ~  Thrift Store
Hair Clip ~ Gift
Earrings ~ Claires
Bracelet ~ Target


  1. I think you look better in brighter, perhaps even DEEPER, colors; and there seems to be too much "white" up top. HOWEVER, I DO like the outfit on the whole; I'd *especially* if the cardigan was a darker or brighter color! This is a VERY typical "me" outfit :D So I'd like it :)
    And the earrings are *darling* :)
    It would depend on how old the cardigan is and out of what material it is made, but have you considered dyeing it to make it a lil darker/deeper/brighter? :)
    You could read up on that and add IT to your ever growing list of 'projects' :)

  2. I agree with Katie; deeper colors do suit your complexion better. I can't wear pastels myself.