Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Baby Compromise [A Book Review]

Written by a friend of mine, this heart-warming and entertaining story, brings you a lovely tale of the harsh realities of the west and the sweet romances along the way. 

It is part of the "Orphan Train" series, and not only did it make me laugh, but I also loved reading about a character who shares my name~ Rebecca! :) 

You won't want to miss this charming novel! 

[From the back of the book]

~ A Bundle of Complications~

"Groomed for high society, Rebecca Sterling now has a new mission -- to help the orphans coming to Evans Grove.
Yet just before she's due to return to New York, she faces two unexpected challenges. 
There's the tiny infant abandoned on her orphanage steps...and the big, gruff cowboy who found him.

Colton Hayes knows nothing about babies and even less about pampered socialites.
But as he and Rebecca work together to watch over little Gabriel, he comes to care deeply for them both.
What can a rough-and-ready cowboy offer a woman made for city living?
Except, perhaps, the dream dearest to both their hearts -- a family built on faith and love. "

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Bekah. Always nice to hear your comments.