Friday, 18 April 2014

What I Wore: French In Mint & Brown

I have some incredibly terrible photos of an outfit I wore for you today. *heehee*

I quickly snapped these photos on my phone to share with a couple friends then thought, why not just do it as a blog post? 
I am so overdue in doing another outfit post!

I always mean to, but getting photos of my outfits.... seems to never work in with the days schedule. 

Anyways, about the outfit.... it was inspired by Wind At My Back meets Kate Middleton meets Paris. 
Try wrapping your brain around that one!
I thought the end result was lovely though. *winks*

~The Items~
Mint Button-Up Dress ~ Sewn by Mom
Brown Jacket ~ Thrift Store
Mint Ballet Flats ~ Old Navy
Felt Beret ~ Le Chateau

1 comment:

  1. Mousie, this outfit is so adorable!!! <3 I was thrilled to see an outfit post, those are some of my favorite posts by you. :)