Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dalvay By The Sea {White Sands Hotel}

Anyone who is an L.M. Montgomery fan will have heard of the White Sands Hotel!

And if you love the TV show "Road To Avonlea", then these photos will delight you!
Because they were taken at the "White Sands"!

Which, in real life, is Dalvay by the Sea. 
It's closed for the season still, but we stopped by and I took a few photos. 

It really is a beautiful location. 

 I have more photos to share and will try to return soon! 

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  1. yes, I am just now seeing these lol I think these are the best. ones. yet. WOW. Isn't God a magnificent artist!? SO GORGEOUS! and you are a very talented photographer to capture these things! ;-)