Monday, 12 May 2014

In The North Cape......

We took a little road trip to the North Cape this past week.

Honestly, there really is no spot on The Island that you don't wind up seeing something very beautiful!

A little interesting tidbit, there is no area of land on The Island that is wider than 10 miles, before you hit the water. 

Boatyards like the one below are very common here.... I have to admit to being tempted to steal a boat & go for a ride sometimes.... 

...Don't worry, I'd return the boat... in like a few years when I was done sailing the world.


Need to find me a sailor....

A lot of electricity on The Island is power by these windmills! They are massive!

The beautiful lighthouse at North Cape.

Really though, does it get prettier?

Very true! Stay safe!

Sand dunes.... RED sand dunes...

Here we have the ocean, lobster traps, and then 2 horses calmly chewing away.... so odd... 
Seconds later a fishing boat blasted past. 
The horses didn't even notice. 
So used to it already!

We have seen a few flocks of sheep! This fellow amused me since he was desperately trying to get to "that green grass on the other side of the fence".

I have had a couple interviews & job offers, so now it is time for me to decide which one to accept!

I am hoping to be working in the next week, so you will see substantially less of me then. 

However, I promise you, in the fall, when I return to Saskatchewan, I will catch up on whatever I may have missed! 

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