Thursday, 1 May 2014

Onwards Through Ontario

You may end up seeing a bunch of blog posts one day, then none for days. Heehee. 

Well, I do it when I can! 

Winding our way around the "mountains" in more northern Ontario, while following the Trans Canada Highway, seemed to drag on and on and on! 

Needless to say, we were happy to arrive in Subury, and then Ottawa, and be able to see some new views!

Below is what a lot of that part of the highway looks like!

We saw a beautiful sunset while passing through an Amish area of Ontario (I think somewhere near Sudbury)!

I adored seeing these signs! 
We didn't pass any buggies on the move, but we did see some sitting in farmyards, and we took a little drive off the highway to see a few more farms and such. So fun!

Arriving in the Ottawa area was especially exciting for me, as I got to spend the night at a bestie's place, who I shall simply call Ladybug. *winks*
Too short a visit, but great to see you, Bug! ♥
Thanks for your hospitality!

Photos from Quebec to follow before too long!

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