Tuesday, 10 June 2014

And It's Back To Saskatchewan We Go......

Yes, that's right.
I am heading back to SK about 4 months sooner than planned....
Mostly finances and the lack of work, to make a long story short (and I'd also rather not go into the details here).
But Mom & I have decided to simply chalk it up as a extra long vacation & a very unqiue adventure, with lots of beautiful sights seen, & tons of neat things done.
 I am sure we won't be forgetting or time here too soon, & it has been quite an experience, all together. Neither of us regret taking the chance!
With that said, PENPALS, please send all your mail to my old address! Email me if you no longer have it.
I will be taking a blogging break over the next few weeks, as we cram in everything we want to do still, pack, & then make the loooooong journey home again.
I am sure y'all understand.
I will return & post tons of photos as soon as I can, I promise! I still have lots of Prince Edward Island adventures to share with you!
As Always,
♥ Bekah  ♥


  1. I have so enjoyed seeing your PEI pics on Instagram - I'll be back home in August and taking some of those same pics!! I have to read further on your blog!!! Safe travels!

  2. I just found you via Instagram, and I'm sad to see you have to cut your time short in pei! We planned a move there a few years ago (from Alberta), but decided it just didn't make sense for us unless we were going to commit to staying forever. we will have to take a long vacation there

  3. Jill, I am so glad to hear that! :) Thank you very much! I do hope you will hang around my blog more!

  4. Joanna, I am sad as well! Yes, I for sure recommend taking as long a vacation as possible! It can be very hard to make it financially!