Sunday, 3 August 2014

Five Minutes of Bliss [Written By Bekah]

Flitting like a butterfly,
From lush pink rose, 

To vibrant yellow sunflowers,
Quietly gliding between the blossoms.

Dancing like a star ballet student,
Tiptoeing across the stage,

Bringing the glorious music to life,
An expression of delight on her face. 

Trickling like a creek through a desert,
Running smoothly over glistening stones,

Bubbling outloud so cheerfully,
Its purpose clearly defined. 

Singing like a wren during mating season,
Shoving his little brown chest out,

Calling to the love of his life,
Confidence etched in his every note. 

Thus is my soul today.

Glad to be alive. 

Not caring tomorrow could bring...
More rain,
More sadness,
More shattered dreams.

For even just five minutes of

Makes a whole month of pain easier to bear. 

So rejoice,
Crazy, delightful, unique mind of mine...

For on this glorious afternoon,
You. Are. Free. ♥

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