Thursday, 18 December 2014

"Penpal Photo A Day Challenge" [Part 1]

I have been enjoying doing a photo challenge on Instagram, set up by a lovely fellow penpaler, under the hashtag #penpalphotoaday .

It's really hit n miss for me with work & all, but I catch up on days off and thought you might enjoy seeing my progress so far!

I will post the rest of the photo challenge when I can!

The Challenge

Day 1: Stationary.
This is some of my favorite vintage pads...

Day 2: Pen Stash.
I don't have a very large pen stash since I can never find ones that write how I like, but this is how I store mine currently.

Day 3: Stamps.
I don't have very many postage stamps at present due to finances. So I just buy them as I need them.

Day 4: Envelopes.
Scored these vintage beauties for 25 cents!

Day 5: Washi Tape.
I keep mine up on a bulletin board... but I've run out of room so about 50+ rolls are in a jar & stacked on my desk at present.

Day 6: Paper Clips.
I used some of my fancy paper clips to hold a bunch of random papers together in my PEI Smashbook.

Day 7: Incoming Mail.
This is the mail I've received over about the past year... I get about this much every year....

Day 8: Stickers.
This is most of my collection, or at least the main collection I use for snail-mail.

Day 9: Address Book.
My current two.

Day 10: Outgoing. 
A piece of Christmas mail I sent out this past week.

Day 11: Sticky Notes.
My pile never seems to go down... maybe that's cause I rarely use them...

Day 12: Red.
I had so much fun doing this red collage!

Day 13: Highlighters.
I don't use highlighters. In fact I hate neon.
So instead I decided to show you my favorite set of markers to use on letters.

Day 14: Handwriting.
This is mine.

Day 15: Notebooks.
Would you like a small, medium, or large notebook?
Any pens with that?
How about a side of white-out?

Day 16: Glue.
I mostly use the double-sided tape, so I stuck that in the photo with my few glue sticks.

More to come another time!

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