Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!

We never really celebrate New Years.... 

In fact, we don't do anything at all.

I will be working all of the holidays this new years, which is fine, because I obviously don't party and it's a good time to make a little extra money on those "holiday pay days"!

But just wanted to pop in & wish you a wonderful 2015!

I, for one, am very curious what the good Lord has in store.... 

I honestly don't think it could be a worse year than 2014 & I am hoping this year, I finally get grounded & enjoy life a little more again! 

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The only New Year's Resolutions I made were:

 1) Go for a walk OUTSIDE once a week
2) Drink less pop.
3) Become a better chef. 

Oh & to do more of what makes ME happy & at peace, not what OTHERS think I should/shouldn't be doing!

But as a rule, no, I don't really make resolutions because I often find myself getting angry at myself when I fail at them. 

So this year, it's just a few little things that will hopefully lead to a more contented & healthy me...

If you made any resolutions, what were they & how are you planning on making sure you keep them?

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