Monday, 5 January 2015

"Penpal Photo A Day Challenge" [Part 2]

I am back, with the rest of the photos from the Instagram challenge for last month!

It was a lot of fun doing this challenge, but I decided not to do the challenge for January... maybe another month! 

I hope you will enjoy seeing the photos!

Day 17: Happy Mail.

This was my current stack of mail to reply to. It doubled within a week, and even more this past week.
I am finally attempting to catch up! 
Huge outgoing stack today, yay!

Day 18: Embellishments Photo 1.
This is how I store all my brads, eyelets, buttons, and smaller metal pieces. 

Day 18: Embellishments Photo 2.
And this is where I keep most of the rest of my embellishments, in dozens of ziploc bags.

Day 19: Christmas Washi Tape.
This is my collection of Christmas washi. 
Small but lovely.

Day 20: Random Act of Kindness.
I didn't have any RAKs coming in or going out that day, so instead I shared a photo of most of my card collection... wasn't able to fit them all in the photo.

Day 21: Postage Stamps.
I posted the wrong type of stamps on Day 3, so I am going to post the wrong kind again this week & show you my rubber stamp collection instead!

Day 22: Drink.
If I am going to have anything by my side while I write, it will likely be one of these 4 things!

Day 23: Pencil Case.
I use the puppy one to hold spare pens, the neon green one to hold paint brushes, and the floral one to hold random things like staples and pencil sharpeners. 

Day 24: Red, Green, & White.
Mr Mouse wanted to be in the photo, so he was included, along with this Christmassy collage!

Day 25: Paper.
I bought this small pad this year, but can't bring myself to use it. 

Day 26: Scissors.
This is my entire collection, at present. I use the fancy scissors a lot!

Day 27: Bag.
I don't use bags much, so all these lovely little vellum ones are from penpals.

Day 28: Silver.
Oddly enough, I don't have many silver stationary supplies. This is about it!

Day 29: Pencils.
I don't use pencils, but the rare occasions I do, I only use mechanical ones.

Day 30: Mail Tag.
I don't actually do mail tags. 
I ask & answer questions right in my letters, the good old fashioned way.
But I do use paper tags a lot!

Day 31: Heart.
Since I was late in taking this photo, I was able to make good use of this day's challenge by photographing hearts & also showing off some new Valentine's themed washi I found!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the photo challenge!

And if you are ever on Instagram, be sure to check out the hashtag #snailmail ! 

It really is quite amazing how many people are trying revive this previously dying art form!

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