Friday, 13 February 2015

Learning A Little About Cake Decorating

I was able to take the Buttercream Course from Wilton Cake Decorating series at Michaels this month, which was great!

I am wanting to learn how to do basic cakes & cupcakes in a pretty, simple way, mostly for friends & family.

Basically, I am trying to learn new skills that will be beneficial to know if the Lord ever blesses me with a family of my own one day. 

I figured, if I ever have children, it would be wonderful to know how to do cakes myself, as buying cakes is very expensive, and also it would be fun to be able to help my kids make their own cakes!

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to perfecting the techniques I learned in this course by practicing on every cake or cupcake I make! Haha! I predict a lot of sweets in our future. *winks* 

Beginning the class...

A Rosette I did on a cupcake ~ my first!

 I adored making zinnias!

And these little roses are so simple, I was surprised! 

Looking forward to making these with colored icing & doing them on top of cupcakes.... 

Valentine's Day & my Dad's birthday are both coming up in the next week!

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