Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Lieutenant Governor's House

On Mother's Day weekend, I took my Mom to Regina to attend a Victorian Tea, Saturday afternoon.

It was all quite fancy & beautiful & we had a lovely time.

Well worth the drive.

Since I have quite a few photos, I am going to divide them up into 3 posts, as I think that will be nicer, to see a few more photos a day.

I also was on another road trip this weekend so I will be working to share those with you here as soon as possible!

For now, I hope you will enjoy the shots I took around the Governor's House & inside the museum.

And it may be a really goofy selfie of us, but eh, it's the only proper pic I got of Mom & I this day!
We look happy so that's all good. HAHA!

Be watching for photos of the tea, coming tomorrow!

And then hopefully a 1940s fashion photo shoot the day after! 


  1. Wow! So glad you got to do that with your mom - very special!

  2. Gorgeous! The wall paper, writing desk, oh that greenhouse! Wow!!!!!