Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Canada Day In The Park

On Canada Day, Mom & I went for a picnic in the park where they were going to be shooting off fireworks.

We had a most lovely supper & played a lot of games waiting for the fireworks to begin. heehee

Mom also took a few snaps of me....

Although I must say, I had no clue just how chubby this dress makes me look. HAHA

 I attempted to take some shots of the birds that were serenading us.

Unfortunately, I was never sitting at the right angle & neither were the birds willing to pose.

Thus, 3 terrible shots. 

But proof the birds were there! 

The skies were quite pretty, as the smoke was lighter this evening, and you know me~ I can never resist taking some shots of the skies, the trees, leaves, sunbeams... my usual loves...

 I wanted to catch how the sun was glimmering off my dress~ it has a gold undertone that really shimmers in the sunlight!

I am never really content with my firework photos, but I am pleased with the few I snapped this evening.

I am hoping to attend a few more photo worthy events this month, so maybe I will have some more photo adventures to share with you soon! 


  1. Nice firework photos!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing....

    Your picnic looks absolutely divine! I bet you both had a feast! I love little birds - we have a few woodpeckers in our garden too....Mr Robin was helping me weed the garden this morning, loving all the bugs/worms that surface but I jumped when Mr Toad moved!