Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Of Baby's Breath, Canola Fields & Our Yard

I have been wanting to go out looking for wild baby's breath since it's the right season for it at present.

Then we were on our way home from the city one day & I thought I saw some grey clumps in the ditch as we passed by.
I didn't have time to stop that day, but on Friday, Mom & I went back there...

Sure enough, TONS of baby's breath, growing everywhere. 
So gorgeous!

I picked far too much! 

Then I got to picking other wildflowers & grasses growing in the area & Mom made a bouquet, so the trunk of my car was more than full when we finally headed home.

  I have also been meaning to take a few shots of the yellow canola fields around here since they look so pretty! 

Here are a couple snaps I took this past week.

I realized that I always take snaps on my phone of our yard, then only share on Instagram & Facebook.

So fixing that & took some proper shots on my camera.

Due to the sunlight, they aren't the best, but they still nicely showcase  some areas of our yard, mainly our deck as I love how the flowers look!

Oh yes & a few snaps of our wildflower bouquets & my drying baby's breath...

I hope you have enjoyed seeing still more photos! heehee

Be watching because not only do I have new picture of our darling birdie babies, but I also attended the musical ride this weekend & am hoping for at least a few shots (plus videos) out of all that I took.

The editing process begins tomorrow... 

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