Sunday, 23 August 2015

Just A Wee Update & Some Travel News

Hello everyone!

Just thought I would do a sort of rambling update for you, as most of my photo posts don't really tell you what I am keeping busy with besides the events I share, & since I may be absent a lot in the next month, I thought I should do a short post so that you know what I will be up to!

On behalf of La Kitchenette Souris, I once again apologize for my absence in trying & sharing new recipes. 
Beyond making some Bran Muffins I have not done any cooking or baking.
This absence will likely continue through September, although I am still hoping to fit in a few recipes here 'n' there, if possible. 
I think it is possible, but I don't want to promise you I will have new recipes soon, which puts pressure on me, then I feel bad when I have to back out & there isn't anything new!
Although I do feel badly that I have no shared any new recipes in so long. 
Perhaps in October I will be able to return to cooking & baking a bit more. I hope so!

Right now, besides my jobs, I am spending a lot of time smashbooking & letter writing.

As for my smashbook, I am trying to get as caught up as I can, as I am smashing not only things penpals send me that I want to keep, but also happenings/events of 2015.
It is not nearly as big of a project as other smashbooks, but I am spending a lot more time on one page this time around. 

Also my letter writing is finally being properly kept up with~ when your pile of letters seems too big to ever catch up on, it takes the fun out of snailmail & I didn't want it to be so.
I have spent quite a bit of time this past weekend working on mail & have gotten quite nicely caught up. 

I am trying to do more reading, coloring, movie watching, & just in general, disconnect from social media.  
I hop on & off various networks through out the day, and in the evenings I tend to answer emails or messages. 

Not to mention I have been feeling quite ill this week, possibly due to a spider bite, and possibly just a flu or allergies. 
I feel better today so that is wonderful.

And that is what has been passing time for me! 

Now for the BIG news, the travel news I hinted at in the title!

I decided, for my 23rd birthday, to take myself to Newfoundland for a few days!!!
I have never been there before & have really been wanting to go, so near the end of September, I will be heading off.
Hoping for good weather & safe travels & that I will have a wonderful time.
For those who are asking, yes I will be traveling solo & no I am not afraid. *heehee*
Which means I have been spending time booking my flight & a place to stay, as well as planning out what I want to do while there, hours, prices, etc. So many details!
Tomorrow I am hoping to take care of booking a car & a few other tours 'n' such I wish to do.
Then I will be trying to update my laptop & get it working as well as possible, because I may be taking it with me so I can look up places, hours, etc. in the evenings. 

Besides that, there are 3 other trips I am in the process of planning~ not sure if they will all work out, but I hope so!
They are all in Saskatchewan, but still over-nighters, so take a lot more planning, money & so on.

And that is what is going on in my life! 

Thank you for continuing to read & follow my blog, even when I am not a regular poster.

Like always, be sure to check out my ~Instagram~ & also my ~Youtube~ .
I have been trying to film more videos for my channel, despite not being a pro... I feel it is good to share your creative hobbies because it does inspire others!

I hope to return with new things to blog about soon & photos to share & so on. 
We will see how life goes!

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  1. That is exciting! I hope you have a blast in Newfoundland. :) Looking forward to new recipes in October, maybe some fall treats...hint, hint. hehe