Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The City Of Moose Jaw : Museum & Art Gallery

There is a lovely museum & art gallery in downtown Moose Jaw. 

They don't charge admission & they have really lovely displays!

If you have the time top stop by, it is well worth your time. 

First, this was a sign telling Moose Jaw's story. I think if you click on the image, it might get big enough that you can read it! 

I always love the teepee displays.... 

A painting I really loved. 

They had all kinds of lovely historic displays set up! Here are my favorites.

This is to resemble a World War 1 & 2 trench that the soldiers would have "lived in" for months...

The railroad plays a massive part in the history of the prairies. Moose Jaw is no exception.

Loved this drawing of a man milking his cow!

Another painting I found charming in that prairie style.

It caught my eye.
The lighting. 
The set up.
The sort of "loneliness" it portrayed.
And yet quite intriguing.

Who knew? I can admire pottery like a proper lover of modern art! HA!

And here is what the above vase looks like. 
Pretty, I thought.

Another vase I could envision putting dried flowers into...

This piece is made entirely out of welded metal!

One last little drawing.
It was scribbled onto a scrap of paper, from what I can tell.
Honestly, I am not even sure what everything in this drawing is, but I liked it. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my road trip adventures and sharing in them virtually.

As you know, I have some more big adventures coming up, and if all goes well with my technology and everything else, I look forward to being able to share it with you here. 

Only 1 week until I fly out to Newfoundland!

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