Sunday, 18 October 2015

Cape Spear

The most easterly point in Canada that has not one lighthouse, but two! 

One being the original historic one, and the other being a "newer" building.

Both are lovely to look at & photograph.

Honestly, I feel like every post I am saying "what a view", but I have to say it about this place too: "What a view!" 

Wind is ever present in Newfie, but the sun was shining so that helped considerably on this particular morning. 

I am glad I went earlier on in the day as there were less people exploring the area and I was able to get photographs without crazy tourists and hikiers marring them. HAHA

And I even snapped a few amusing selfies while at the very "end" of Canada, just for you.
Proof I actually was there and all that.


  1. Gorgeous!! I am very impressed with your photos. What kind of camera do you own?


    1. Thank you so much! I have a Canon SH 40 I think it's called but would have to go dig it out to confirm. They only made a few of them & only sold them for a year, but it's a great camera!

  2. Do you edit your photos much? I like to use Lightroom but I"m trying really hard to get them perfect in the camera first :)

    1. No not much! I put them through Windows Gallery editing system & change the lighting a bit sometimes, or add a little more color... but not enough to notice.
      That's about it for editing, unless I go with a fancy filter. That's normally just black & white though.

    2. Your photos are really nicely exposed and I love your compositions. You definitely have a real talent :)