Saturday, 10 October 2015

MUN Botanical Gardens

What a gorgeous place!

So many unique flowers and shrubs... 
The pathways are lovely for hiking.

And you will want to bring a camera, as there are some spectacular views & cute woodland creatures to be seen.

Also, buy lots of duck food. Heehee. The ducks are greedy & friendly! 

I tend to forget to include video clips in posts, so let me share those right away! 
Both of the ducks, because I loved them.

Heading up the first trail...

Cute spot for a picnic!

What a view!

Those things that look oddly like blue bouncy balls, are actually hydrangeas! 

When I first arrived at the pond, the ducks were way over on the other side.
So I stood there and rustled the brown paper bag containing the food.
In a few seconds, here they all came! 

I did snap this photo, but watch the videos to see them going all "ducky" over the food.

Mr Blue Jay also had to come try and get a bit of the food... and so I was able to get a few great snaps!

Had something of an argument with this squirrel. 
He wasn't too impressed I wanted to stand there & photograph him.

"The Lookout".
Such a beautiful sight!

Wild blueberries, which I am told grow all over NL.

Just some mushrooms that caught my eye. 

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