Friday, 2 October 2015

Oh Newfoundland, Where Do I Begin?! { And A Little Update }

Hello everyone, I have returned!
...well actually I have been home for a few days now... 
But returned here! 

The first 2 days I was back, I spent a lot of time doing things like laundry, putting all the items I purchased away, sorting out receipts/papers/parking passes/etc for my Smashbook, editing photos, catching up on social media, and of course, working too. 

Then yesterday a new and very-much-unwanted surprise happened, which came in the form of a really nasty toothache and ended with me going into the dentist on a "emergency" visit.
The conclusion: root canal or pulling.  *big dramatic sigh*
Honestly, either option terrifies me & I am hearing a lot of mixed views on it, although about 80% of the views are telling me to not get a root canal and I have been leaning that way myself. 
Either way, I am going to be on antibiotics for a week. Yuck. I do not like that. 
But it must be done. So I will take them with plenty of yogurt & keep my vitamin levels high & likely do a few extra coffee enemas to purge my system of the "dead bacteria" as quickly as possible. 
I am sure I will know soon what my decision will be.
So that has been my "excitement" for the week. far, anyways, haha..... 

Lets talk about Newfoundland! 

One word: LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

Seriously. I think Prince Edward Island just may have gotten replaced.
I felt so at home in St Johns and NL in general. 
The lifestyle, the attitudes, the people, the history, the hobbies.... it just all screamed "me" and for the first time ever, I felt truly like I belonged and didn't stick out like a sore thumb.
It felt oddly right. 
And it was VERY hard to leave!!!!
I still feel quite forlorn, if I am going to be honest about it. 

I did have one traveling adventure that was not a positive one & that is that West Jet canceled 2 of my flights, redirected me to another airport, and then switched my airline over to Air Canada, which resulted in my baggage being lost/delayed.
It was a real hassle to get back and very stressful for me. 
Once I got it back, I discovered a vintage necklace was missing, and my bag had obviously been rifled through as it was a complete mess, and I pack my bags military style, so I would know.
The necklace wasn't of meaning to me & I didn't much on it, but it was vintage circa approx. 40s and definitely worth something, not to mention I find it utterly disturbing someone would go through my bags! 
Not at all impressed with West Jet! One little bit!
My compliments to Air Canada for being so helpful and kind, and also for being the ones who tracked down my bag & got it delivered to me!
Unlike the rude girl at West Jet who said, and I quote, ".... not my problem... it's yours..."

That being said, everything else was there and I had such a lovely time in Newfoundland, it more than made up for the hassle and I cannot wait to return to that gorgeous island!

That yes. Is made of rock. And a lot of stark beauty. And trees. It's acquired taste. HAHA!

Now to the photo adventures, waiting for you, and a few video clips too which are already up on Youtube, yippee! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

First off, this is the little old house I stayed in. 
The windows on the right, on the upper story, is my room!

Wandering around downtown St Johns on a beautiful sunny day and realizing why Newfoundlanders are so proud of where they come from.

For the life of me, I cannot remember what this place was! Oops!
Well, it was pretty. 

More snaps of my explorations coming really, really soon! 

Blogging is most definitely at the top of my to-do list for a while, so I plan on getting plenty of posts up in the next couple weeks.

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  1. Too bad about the luggage, Westjet and the toothache. NL is great for sure and I'm so glad you felt so at home there! Might be an idea to consider moving there bc the economy is booming - lots of opportunities, if you are looking for a change...Good luck with everything in any case! We wanted to visit the Basilica while there in 2014 but just never made it over so thanks for all the pics! Looks like a sweet place you stayed at...