Monday, 26 October 2015

Presenting... La Kitchenette Souris ♥ The Bakery ♥ !!!

I am very excited to be able to tell you, that La Kitchenette Souris is expanding into a new area! 

I am now going to be selling my baked goods, just out of my home. 

{Image By: ~Sarah LoCasico~ <---Her Link}

A lot of my friends & family have expressed interest in purchasing my baking, and I thought, "I am baking anyways, might as well sell the extra.." and then that lead to me thinking that folks could request certain items, which then lead to a list of products... and the whole thing kind of took of! Haha! It's a much bigger venture than I had thought, but not money making wise so much as just sharing yummy food with others. 

You will notice there are some new pages in the making, where you will find the lists of Products & Prices, as well as a page for the types of cupcakes I can make.

Keep an eye on the "Seasonal Items & New Items" page as that one will be updated on a regular basis, or whenever I have a bit of news regarding The Bakery. 
I will also be doing blog posts sharing news so be sure to subscribe to the email list, to get notified when new things are posted! (You will find the email subscription area on the sidebar)

The pages will all be under construction for a little while, as I try to get all the information up, and photos, etc. so bear with me. 
We (a friend & I) are working on them as fast as we can to have them completed. 

If you have any questions, check out the "General Information" area, where hopefully, i have answers to all of them!

If not, shoot me an email at 

I am excited to be giving this a go & I hope to have some customers soon!