Monday, 12 October 2015

Republic Of Doyle Filming Locations

For the Republic of Doyle fans, I did snap a few pics of various locations they filmed at. 

Some of them, of course, you have already seen in previous posts!

But since these random shots didn't fit well in any other post, they are getting their very own. 
I know some of my friends are massive fans, so these are for you! 

First up, The Duke of Duckworth, which yes, is a pub.
As a rule, I don't go into pubs, but as you will find in Newfoundland, every place serves alcohol, it was before noon (which is meaningless in Newfie HAHA), and I didn't drink, of course! 

However, I had an awesome lunch of fish 'n' chips with tartar sauce 'n' vinegar. Amazing!

Stumbled across the jail accidentally, but had to screech to a halt and take a snap, despite attracting some attention.
I am sure it's rare people photograph a jail. 

The Doyle house, which is still for sale!
Man, I want to buy it so bad! 
It's such a cute house ~ so much character!

Be watching for more photos to come of my Newfoundland adventure!

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