Wednesday, 18 November 2015

An Instagram Update

Once again, I have Instagrammed nearly all of the happenings in my day to day life, but rarely ever do I share them here!

So I thought I would post some of the past few weeks phone snaps, in no particular order...

Mom's birthday bouquet, still looking good one week later...

This is why I shop out of season.
American Eagle ballet flats from Payless: Regular $32.99. I paid $7.00
Chuncky Necklace also from Payless: Regular $19.99. I paid $3.00
I also scored a roll of ribbon at Michaels for 7 cents that day & it was regular $2.99.
I am a proud Bargain Hunter! 

One of the best books I have ever read! So perfectly charming & 100% me. 
You must read it!

My collection of little mousie stories continues to grow.... 

I love to color~ I find it very relaxing. 
These gorgeous photos were drawn by a friend. 
Be watching the ~Kindred Spirits Club~ blog because I intend on doing a whole post about coloring sometime in the next month!

When I realized I had the right "props", I had to do a little photo shoot with Beatrix' book.

This is how I prefer to spend every morning~ tea, a good book, a lovely magazine, & letters.

 Doing a little letter writing...

An excellent quote in one of Susan Branch's books.

Another morning with cappuccino, a French cookbook, an old magazine & a letter.

My little nightstand/corner. 
As you can see, I have several piles of books at the moment...

One of my many piles of outgoing mail. This is the most recent.

For Mom's birthday, I took her to Calories & they brought her cake out with a sparkler on it!

Chunks of Squash & Beets on a bed of Spinach with Cream Cheese & Quino Balls & a Cherry Vinagrette topping.
This is Mommas Bear lunch.

 My lunch. 
Pommes Frites.
(In other words, fancy French Fries)
With 2 amazing dips.

One of my favorite drinks, Homemade Saskatoon Berry Lemonade. 
It is perfect!

Look what arrived?!
Royal Mail, all the way from Buckingham Palace!!!
My first piece too! 

The other side of my Royal Mail from Buckingham Palace!

The latest photo I have of myself, which is actually like a month or more old already.
I really have stopped taking selfies & doing OOTD snaps.... 

Starting to write out my Christmas cards...

The completed pile, which headed off to the post office today. Yay!

Yesterday afternoon we started decorating our place for Christmas.
It gets torn apart & we clean from top to bottom, then redecorate it for the season.

Looking forward to Friday, when I will have time to decorate our tree.
But for now, the lights are pretty. 

Well that sort of catches you up a little on my life. 
I mean, I missed my birthday, all the parcels I received, etc. But you can always good look at my ~Instagram~ for more photos. 

Have you started Christmas decorating or sending out your cards?
What are your traditions?

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