Wednesday, 2 December 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Although in reality, it began to look like Christmas a few weeks ago. *heehee*

Oh yes, if you are looking for:

I am slowly putting together a romantic, old fashioned style playlist, so just click on the link above.
I wish to spend some time soon adding more, but for now, there is about 2 hours worth, I think, as the one video is very long. 
I have been listening to it this afternoon while browsing ~We Heart It~ & collecting lovely Christmas images like this one:

I have been working away on Christmas mail, making tags, snapping photos of decorations, & figuring out when I want to start trying out some new recipes...

I have had a pile of French cookbooks on my floor for ages & have picked out a few recipes I wish to try.

I am hoping to do a little baking this week, around all the other year-end errands I am getting done, and hopefully try out a new recipe or two, so I suppose you can watch this blog.
Although not too closely, because I am prone to long, unannounced absences. *winks*

In the evenings I love to watch a movie & do something crafty.
On this particular evening, I was watching The Pilot episode of "Little House on the Prairie" because it has that lovely Christmas "episode" in it.
I was keeping my hands busy by making paper Christmas tags to include in letters, and also using up scrapbook paper I have had around for ages.

While curled up in my bed, I am looking directly at my gorgeous, little purple tree, in all it's sparkling glory.

No matter how hard I tried, that glittery pink star on top would not stay straight, so I left it crooked & figured I'd just pass it off as "character".

And yes, even my mini tree has mirror balls on it.
Like I have mentioned before, it is an absolute must for me, when it comes to decorating for Christmas!

A few snaps I took on my phone of tree ornaments I adore.

And yes, I'm aware it looks like "nope" but it says "hope".
(only about 2 dozen people pointed that out to me :P )

As for Christmas mail, I took a few extra photos just so you could see more details of the letters. 

Also, you can find videos of 2 of the Book Letters:
~HERE~ and ~HERE~

I love making Christmas themed pocket letters~ they just "fall together" so easily & look delightful!
This one was a particular triumph as I wasn't sure how gold, silver & blues would end up looking together, but turns out, they look very elegant!
So just ignore anyone who tells you not to mix "gold and silver"~ it DOES work! 

Here are the 2 book letters I shared videos to above. 
So much fun to make & special for Christmas too!

I won't be able to make them for all my penpals, but I did send out Christmas cards to some people as well, so doing my best to send a bit of Christmas to everyone. 

It is shaping up to be a busy week for me, so guessing I won't be able to spend much time crafting, but instead will be running around, doing errands. 

But one day I hoping to tend to mail, my library items, & do some baking, so that should be fun!

Another day,  I am not particularly looking forward to, as figuring out insurance & having to go into the city is now incredibly stressful for me... but I only have 3 stops to make so it shouldn't be too bad! Wish me the best with that. 

Then it will be off to work. 

And that is basically my life, at the moment!

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  1. Love seeing all your Christmas "goodies" Bekah! Hope it is a good Season for you and your fam! Say "hi!" to your Mom!