Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lynette's Visit {Part 5}

Just going through these photos yet again makes me happy!

Sometimes it becomes very easy to forget where I live & all the beauty & awesome sights there are here. 

I guess it's good I am so dedicated to recording events through photographs, videos, & journaling! Comes in hand later when I need reminding that life isn't so bad.

First up, Firestation 312 in downtown Toronto. It's one of the oldest firestations in Toronto & is still in use!

RBC in downtown Toronto! Now apparently there is a lot more history in this building than I realized, but at the moment, my mind is blank & I can't recall what I was told! LOL! So if you feel like googling it.... *winks* 

To clarify these next photos, yes, I am aware The CN Tower was lite up in rainbow colors to support the Pride Weekend festivites. 
No, I do not approve of homosexuality.
However, I still thought the tower was beautiful, so took & am sharing photos.

I think I shall try to do one more very long post tonight yet & call it an evening for blogging! *smiles*

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