Monday, 29 July 2013

What I Wore: Of Mint Green Lace, Peplum, Polka Dots, & Murdoch Mysteries

I completely forgot to share these!

I actually got them taken so I could do an outfit post!

So here you are! Finally, an outfit on this blog! The first one! And it's a favorite of mine. 

~The Items~
Shirt ~ Forever XXI
Skirt ~ Thrift Store
Pearls ~ Dollar Store
Ballet Flats ~ Payless

Warning: I am odd. And was very happy. It resulted in amusing photos. 

And just a little behind the scenes glimpse.... lipstick touch up.... *laughs* 
I have photographs of 2 more outfits, so I will try to post them in the near future! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this one!


  1. I love seeing your outfits!! So cute! I really want to steal your polka-dot skirt. ;)


  2. I love the mint and polka dot cute! Thanks for sharing it, Bekah!