Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Yard: Before & After

It seems like either I am at work or else doing yardwork!

I figured I should take a few before & after pics for this part of my yard project, as it was bound to look extremely different!

I am glad I did. I was right. It looks very different. 

Now Maria & I are on to the next part of this place's transformation~ the flower bed that runs along the side of the driveway & the MASSIVE backyard.... 
neither of which has been taken care of in years.

The amount of overgrown trees, weeds, bushes, and vines is daunting. 

However, we have made an impressive start & slowly but surely things are looking up!

For now, enjoy some photos of my front yard transformation! (hoping to do some painting in the near future!)

This is to the left of my front entry : Before.

This would be after, on the left side.

On the right: Before.

And after, on the left.

My rock garden. Looking very jungley before!

And after~ hey, there is a bird feeder in there!

It's slowly beginning to feel like home..... 

 I have many photos to share of another dear friend's visit & our adventures on another part of Toronto Island.

I shall try to share soon!

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