Monday, 5 August 2013

A Visit From My Bunnie {Part 1}

 I recently got to meet a bestie of mine, Keara, otherwise known as Bunnie!

It was pretty exciting since we've never met in person before, but corresponded nearly every single day for many years! 

I can safely say we were both a bit nervous that we might not "click" in person & discover that we work better online..... but thankfully that was no true. 

We clicked. 
Just fine. 
Two weirds. 
FFFFs. {Faithful Furry Friends Forever}

We spent a lovely day together exploring Toronto Island, among other places, so I figured I should share some of the photos I captured that day before I have more photos from other big events to post! 

It was a very sunny day & my camera lense apparently had a smudge on it I was unaware of, so pardon the "light streak" in the one corner. 

So here we go! Part 1! Enjoy!

Starting off with The Bunnie & The Mousie! 

And now onto Toronto Island we go!

   I will try to load more soon, but they load SO slowly that I have to have a bit of "time to spare", which just never happens online. haha 

But I promise, more to come before too long!

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