Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Visit From My Bunnie {Part 2} & An Update On My Life

So I didn't return for a while because I have been busy! 

I was working, then the Murdoch Mysteries Fan Convention happened, then touring around downtown Toronto & Niagara Falls with friends from all over the world, and then it was back to work.

This weekend I am feeling quite sick, but am determined to get something done, as my "to do" list got very big due to be in ignored for a while. *wry grin* 

I decided today to finish up sharing photos taken while traveling around with my Bunnie ~ we have spent a good deal of time together already which has been a blast! So happy to have a furry bestie close by who gets my quirks & thinks I am normal! LOL! 

Also, hold onto your hats..... the wind is picking up & will be blowing hundreds & hundreds & hundreds & hundreds &.... you probably get the idea by now... of photos your way very soon! 

I am going to be loading onto my laptop & starting the editing process of around 1000 photos taken this past week in the next few days! I will try to load as many onto here as I do onto Facebook. Be forwarned. Lots of amazing sights & awesome events to be shared! 

Meanwhile, enjoy these last few taken on Toronto Island!

I look forward to returning to this Island for another visit soon! 

Have a good day y'all! 

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