Saturday, 17 August 2013

What I Wore: Toronto Shopping Diva

I thought I would go ahead & do another blog post today, as it isn't just scenery photos, which I dearly love to take & share.

(there is a rather long & amusing story behind the post title ~ maybe one day I will share)

It's another outfit I wore while out shopping in downtown Toronto, with a friend, which you have already seen featured in my sidebar profile photo. 

But I thought I'd go ahead & share it as an outfit post.

Sorry, I don't have close-ups of the shoes & glasses, or the nail polish.

I have actually been getting people to take photos I can use as an outfit post when I get the chance, so I have a few outfits lined up to share! 

~The Items~
Maxi Dress ~ Wal-mart
Invisible white tank top (stating I was wearing one as I keep getting asked! :P ) ~ Value Village
 Floppy Hat ~ Ardene
 Sunglasses ~ Aldo
Purse ~ Wal-mart
Flip-flops ~ Superstore (grocery store)
I have a teal blue nail polish on my fingernails & red nail polish on my toenails (both are kinda hard to see)

 I will try to post another outfit soon! 

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