Saturday, 31 August 2013

In Case You Haven't Already Heard...................

This happened a couple weeks ago.

Yes, very exciting! *big happy mousie grin*

For those of you don't know, we have in the above photo, from L-R:
Tom Craig, Yannick Bisson, The Mouse, Jonny Harris, & Georgina Reilly.

They are 4 of the stars (Helene Joy wasn't there that day) from the TV series, Murdoch Mysteries! 

Some of you may also recognize Yannick, as he played Jack Hudson in another one of my very favorite shows, "Sue Thomas F.B.Eye"! 
I thought I'd start sharing a couple random photos with you. Most of mine will be posted on Facebook, but I am going to share a good deal here too, in the next week, hopefully.

Below is one of my favorites! 

Me, sitting at Detective Murdoch's desk. Photo taken by Iden Ford. (He does brilliant work, by the way, & I am happy to call him a friend! Also, of particular interest, he is married to Maureen Jennings.... who wrote Murdoch Mysteries! :D )

I can't remember which one of my friends took this photo, but here are some of my friends & I, all dolled up in our Victorian outfits!

Well, now you know what's in store for you! I promise to work on loading more every chance I get, even if it's only 5 at a time!

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