Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What I Wore: Of Peach Skirts & Polka-dotted Peplum Tops

After not being around the blogging world in a while, I am back with another outfit post for you! 

These photos are all thanks to Maria! 

I have been busy with work & spur-of-the-moment trips into downtown Toronto (some that have ended in disaster, I tell you~ I hate being stranded in empty bus stations at 1 in the morning!), among a lot of other random things.

Mostly, I just work... then do housework or groceries or something... then I catch up on Facebook, Twitter, & a few emails... and hopefully I get a few photos edited (I am in the 300s zone of 700+ from the Murdoch Mysteries weekend).... if I still feel awake, I read a bit or watch a bit of a movie.

The next day I do it all over again. Ha. So grown up. So boring. *ugh*

ANYWAYS.............. to the point..........

This outfit.

I am not keen on the whole belt idea, honestly. 
But the top seemed a lot smaller when I tried it on in the store, and without a tighter pencil skirt, looked kinda baggy with this skirt. So I wore a skinny belt. 
I guess it's not too bad. 

Or, at least, I felt very vintage & pretty in this outfit, so yay for that! *grins* 

~ The Items~ 
Chiffon Peplum Top ~ Forever XXI
Peach Skirt ~ Thrift Store
Black Pumps ~ Wal-mart
Skinny Belt ~ Thrift Store
Pearl Bracelets ~ Dollar Store
Pink Flower Earrings ~ Claires (sorry, don't have a good pic of them)

Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing this outfit! 
I actually do have another photographed & ready to share, but I suppose I should start working on sharing the Murdoch Mysteries weekend photos soon! I have 723 of them! *grins* 

Have yourselves a lovely evening!

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  1. you're adorable. and this outfit is super cute!! :) Love you, girlie!!