Monday, 30 December 2013

The Mystery of the Vanished Blogger [SOLVED!]

Greetings faithful readers of this tiny blog, that I honestly feel has become rather boring of the past few months. 

I have no excuses... no logical reasons... no explanatio..... 


I do have all of those things. 

Or I think I do anyways. *grins* 

Might as well just plunge right on it, but I will try to just give you a brief update & then the next dozens 'n' dozens of posts can be dedicated to photos from the past few months.

I am writing to you from cold & snowy Saskatchewan. 

I have made the move. That, of course, was a massive undertaking & continues to be so as I unpacked, adjust, & begin the journey of catching up on all the "hobbies" I tossed aside while living in Toronto. 

I spent my last few weeks in Toronto cramming in every possible city delight as possible~ from live TV broadcasts to musicals, to figure skating and the ballet. 

I had truly wonderful last moments in the city that has stolen my heart.... I miss it so very much! 

Then came sorting, packing, loading, driving the 2000+ miles.... that took a good week, or thereabouts. 

I have been home for only a few days, but y'all have not been far from my mind!

I am so excited to finally have time to load hundreds upon hundreds of photos, & properly share my fall & winter thus far with you! 

Are you ready? Yay! I shall begin pronto! (be watching for the next post)

P.S. Pray for me please? I am trying my best, but this change has not been easy on me! 

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  1. I will definitely be in prayer for you, dear! As we enter 2014 I've decided I am challenging myself to pray for a set amount of time every day to strengthen my relationship with Christ. So I will be sure and remember you in my prayers each da, asking the Lord to help you get through this new transition smoothly, and that He would fill you with the peace and joy found in knowing you are in accordance with His will. I look forward to seeing photos soon!