Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Snowy Toronto, A Musical, And My 100th Post

Good afternoon! 

Can you believe this is post 100 already? 
I am glad it is. 
I am glad that this blog is finally truly bursting with photos and my adventures.
I hope to keep posting a lot.... or as much as I can, time, inspiration, and adventures providing. 
This isn't going to be a special post to celebrate or anything. 
I just thought I'd mention it. *smiles* 

Ready for some more photos? 

These were taken on 2 different days, but they seemed to go very well together, so I am just doing one post. 

Some of the photos were taken with one friend, and some with another, and a couple while I was on my own. 
So they hold many memories. 

As you can see, I had many lovely evenings before leaving Toronto! 

Oh I miss that place! 

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