Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Nutcracker Ballet

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the views & votes! 
I am loving seeing the stats go shooting up and starting to get a feel of what you enjoy seeing me post about here in my online journal. 

A few of you didn't even know I was blogging again, so I hope you have fun looking through my old posts, and seeing what's been happening in my life. (LOTS!)

To all the new visitors.... welcome! 
I hope you will return often! 

This evening I am going to share a few photos I took the night I attend The Nutcracker Ballet.
Obviously I couldn't photograph the ballet, but I did take a few random photos of the building, before the play began. 

For some reason, Blogger decided to load a few of them in very "downsized quality" so they are grainy. *sighs* I am working on figuring this quirk out..... 

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