Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Day With My Big Sis [Apologies For My Absence Again]

I am approximately a month late in posting these, since yes, this actually happened a month ago.

I honestly haven't had a lot of time for online hobbies.... when I do have time & a bit of left-over energy, I spent it on letters & Smashbooking.

I am working full time now so 5 days a week, and up to 37 hours. Add in transit time & general preparation for work, etc etc etc. Yeah. Doesn't leave a whole lotta time for much else. 

Doing the best I can, but blogging is the last on my list.

Also, there isn't much to blog about, since obviously photo shoots don't fit into the schedule either, and the only things I have been writing aren't really fit for the public to read. heehee

On the plus side, my debt is nearly paid off, so soon I will be able to start saving up again, and also be able to purchase a few things on my "to buy list". Yay!!!

For now, I hope you will enjoy seeing photos of a month-old event, which happens to be a visit from my big sis.... and that resulted in attending a play, geocaching, a tad of shopping, and the consumption of a great many Skittles. 

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