Sunday, 28 September 2014

A [Debt-Free!] Stroll Down Spadina [& Other Happenings]

Hello y'all!

How is your fall going? 

Mine is blasting by in a whirlwind of work, letter writing, dealing with new trying circumstances, and learning how to stay calm & just be grateful things aren't worse... 

{Even thought many days it feels like things couldn't possibly get any worse!}

So as the title says, as of this week, I made the final payment on my debt, landing me in the free & clear! It will be good to finally be able to easily pay my bills, and start building up my bank account again.

On the downside, I also received a call from the police informing me charges had been pressed against me involving a school bus incident & the driver having a REALLY bad day.
Now I am waiting {possibly up to 6 months} to see if I am being fined or not, so for now, it is in God's hands & I am trying to not worry about it.

I am loving being SO involved in pen-paling & paper-crafting, and despite working so much, I have been cramming in a lot of it.
It is also leading me to consider the possibility of trying to make a little money off of it, and talk about farmer's markets & such is being bounced around.
{If I were to have a booth, I'd be selling baking/cooking, photos, etc. as well}

My birthday is just 13 short days away & I will be 22!
No big plans, although I am hoping for a cake & maybe I will decorate just for the fun of it. *heehee*

Next weekend I have made plans with a friend, that hopefully I will have photos of to share with y'all eventually.... but for now, I hope you will enjoying seeing lots of photos from a shoot I did this week. 
I want to share nearly all of them with you, so this will be a large post...

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