Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall Adventures With A Friend

About a week ago I was able to spend a lovely day with a friend, out doing very "prairie" type things... 

We went out for lunch at the Berry Barn & had a delicious classic Mennonite meal~ cottage cheese perogies!

On our way back into Saskatoon, we came across this field full of these odd birds.... if anyone can identify them, please comment! So curious!

I had to stop and take some photos. 

Then we went for a ride on The Prairie Lily, Saskatoon's riverboat!

Despite the air being nippy, we sat on the upper deck & had amazing views. 

I definitely recommend this as a tourist activity, or even if you are a local, like me, but have never done this! It is worth the money, and bring your camera!

I hope to return soon to post photos of my birthday trip to the West Edmonton Mall, along with photos of my cute birthday cake! 

If it ends up being several weeks from now, just know I encountered still more technology problems as my laptop, our computer, and my phone have all been having massive issues as of late.... 

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