Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Late Night Thoughts On Faith...

This is a very powerful quote. 


Because it quite honestly sums up faith in 2 sentences. 

I often have people telling me that what I do or don't do is crazy... that what I believe in is ridiculous... because common sense is the exact opposite of the path I've chosen to walk.

Yet that is just it!

"Common sense" is not faith. 
And neither is "faith" common sense. 

True, life should be lived with a little common sense involved. 

***winks at all the extremists out there who will immediately start suggesting all sorts of crazy scenarios in which a Christian SHOULD use common sense***

However when it comes to doing something Christ has clearly called you to do & in your heart of hearts you know it is what you are meant to follow after, then it is highly unlikely "intellect and reason" will have the same opinion as that of our Heavenly Father's. 

It will be un-explainable. 

For if it were explainable, then it would not be faith.

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