Monday, 17 November 2014

Musings From A Learning Mind...

Can y'all believe it is almost December already?!

Where did 2014 go?? Right. Thata way. *points behind me*

What a roller coaster ride this year has been for me. Here I was thinking it would be a more settled, stable one... haha, who am I kidding? It is ME we are talking about here. 

Settled? Stable? Well, I am trying. 

Around this time of year, my mousie brain turns completely into Christmas mode, and I start feeling the urge to get every-single-thing-in-my-entire-life-organized-and-updated-right-now-and-I-can't-sleep-until-it-is-all-done-and-it-had-better-be-perfect-or-else. *deep breath*

It [my mind] also tends to get restless. 

I feel like I should have some plans for 2015. 

But I don't.

No plans.

I mean beyond try to find a job I like, pay my bills, & avoid going into debt again.

Those aren't plans. 

Those are just.... well.... boring everyday things that must be dealt with.

This year I am learning verrrrrryy slooooowwwlly how to be content with not having any plans... not knowing what the next year will hold... and being happy with everything up in the air. What a challenge this is proving to be, to someone who likes to have a schedule for everything & keep to said schedule down to the detail!

...[is there anyone else out there that feels this way???]...

Just learning how to have joy among the ordinary, every-day duldrums of the not-rich lifestyle.

I don't lead a very interesting life. I can't afford to travel at all right now, and events are few & far between. Shopping is most definitely NOT allowed, as I am hoping to take a step back from my job in the new year [that really stresses me out] & search for a job more suitable to my interests/talents... so I need to save every penny I earn so I can be "jobless" for a few months. 

I am also taking a break from other areas that really stress me out... like some of my hobbies, photography in particular, that due to the way my mind works and the lack of co-operation from Her Majesty the Laptop, causes me extreme amounts of turmoil... friendships that are not edifying or encouraging, and that turn into pity parties really quickly... material things that become so important to me that I forget that they are only things and God needs to be my #1 obsession

Taking a step back from all these things in life that make it so complicated & busy, that are entirely unnecessary, is helping free my mind so I can focus on making big decisions that are important. 

It amazes me how quickly the things of this world distract you from the work you were called to do... blind you to the will of God... and destroy every little bit of gratitude, joy, peace, and contentment that you possess... 

I realize now that I have always known what I was supposed to do. 

I just got caught up in the world's idea of what successful is. 


So what am I doing now? 

For now, I do what is here, in front of me, today. 

That is to continue working at the grocery store for a bit longer, so I can save up money. 
That is to enjoy the Christmas season, and do all the things I love to do like bake & decorate.
That is to continue pursuing the things that make me really happy such as cooking & crafting.
That is to return to things like books & music that I have tossed aside. 
That is to learn that I have to live my life for God and for me... not for everyone else.

And here are some photos of things that inspired me creatively, and photos of my results. *smiles* 


I really loved this look of Kate's, with the trench coat & plaid scarf. 
[Image Found Via Google]

I was able to find a lovely plaid scarf in a soft flannel, along with a pair of cream fleece gloves, & a Royal Wedding book.

I also purchased these boots, which are in a similar style to some Kate wore with an everyday outfit.

I absolutely love the idea of paper chains, but have never made one. 

When I saw this image on "We Heart It", I knew I wanted to give it a go.

It turned out very lovely, all 84 links of it, & is now hanging up in our hallway.

For Mom's birthday, I decided to hand-make everything. 
Along with her card, I painted her this picture. 
She loves all things country & Christmas so seemed the perfect idea.
It is now hanging up in our living room.

I thought this candy cane vase was a lovely idea!
[Imagine Found Via Google]
 This was my creation... I wanted a bit more color. 
Although it appears as though I will have to purchase more candy canes.
Mine vanished rather quickly.
*innocent look*

And of course the house is quite a mess while it gets decorated top to bottom.
I am nearly done now.
I just have to complete the toy village and my bedroom.
[Which I was going to do today but am blogging instead! Oops!]

I have always loved blue, white, & silver themed trees like this one.
[Image Found Via Google]
 A couple years I finally re-did our's in such a theme. 
We still love it, and this year is no different.

I read my first Agatha Christie novel this week & loved it! I see more in my future.
Also, one can never have too much Celtic Christmas music or Green Tea. ♥

Today I took a big step [for me] & got my hair cut!
It was nearly waist length.... 

And now it's not! *heehee*
This will take some getting used to!

Mom & I attended the first craft & bake sale of the season this past Saturday, and will be attending the second one this coming Saturday. Also, in the next week, is the Festival of Trees which I am greatly looking forward to going to!

This year I've decided to not take my camera along to the festival as I always do, then I get all caught up taking photos & never actually enjoy the festival.
This year, I am going to look & enjoy & experience only! 


What do you & your family do for the season?

I wish you a lovely rest of November!

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  1. wow. This was SUCH a good post/nice update. I so feel you, and I feel like such a horrible friend (okay, so who are we kidding, I HAVE been one :( :( ) for not keeping in touch with you :( Rest assured you are NOT ALONE. I TOTALLY can resonate with what you're saying right now. Where I'm at is not where I was, thought I'd be, or where I WANTED to be before..... and I do NOT know how to handle that :( I love you Bekah-Sue. Please don't ever doubt that :(