Sunday, 8 February 2015

La Kitchenette Souris: Reader's Results [1]

Very excited to finally be posting this new addition to La Kitchenette Souris' series! 

In "Reader's Results" posts, I will be sharing photos & details from readers who tried out a recipe I posted (or previously gave them in the past), and sent in their results.

It is very exciting to me to hear folks are trying out the recipes I share, and also interesting to see their take on it, adjustments they make, and so on.

So please, if you try out a recipe, be sure to tweet/email a photo & a line or two of details, and then watch for it to be included in a future post!
(Don't worry, I will only be using a first name, or if I don't know it, your Twitter handle)

Let's begin.

Sarah, was the first to try the "Tomato Soup" recipe, & also to submit her results! 

It looks so yummy!

Sarah writes, "Thank you for the delicious warming soup on this cold blizzard night. New favorite recipe of mine!"

Gina tried out the "Cheesy Breadsticks" recipe, but she did a little variation & made them Gluten Free!

Very neat & wonderful for those out there going wheat free, to know this recipe can be modified to suit your lifestyle!

Gina writes, "Made Cheesy Breadsticks. Yum! Also made a slight change to this recipe. Instead of using puff pastry, I made the recipe gluten free by using gluten free pizza crust dough."

Keara made a recipe I had shared with her before Christmas for "Kid Tested Gingerbread Cookies", which I am hoping to get up on the blog one of these days, as it is a family favorite!

Her cookies turned out lovely!

Keara writes, "After baking them with you the year before, they became a fast favorite of my Mom's and so we had to bake them again.

We decided to make a double batch and though we accidentally tripled the amount of baking powder instead of doubling, the cookies proved flexible and the only result was (predictably) puffier cookies. We had also used Organic Ginger Root Powder (I believe was what it was) which we had on hand, instead of the ginger specified in the recipe. They tasted just as scrumptious as the original recipe! 

"Kid-Tested", Mom approved! :)
I'm sure they'll be a regular on our list of Christmas baked goods.

Marisol made the "Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting" recipe, and sure enough, she agrees with me ~ these are dangerous cookies! *grins* 

And her's look very lovely as well!

Marisol writes, "Made these delicious pumpkin cookies from La Kitchenette Souris and made my own cream cheese frosting!... I want to keep eating more!"

I am looking forward to seeing more of y'alls responses!

So keep trying those recipes out & sharing it with me! \

And I will try to get some new recipes up on the blog before too long......

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