Saturday, 7 February 2015

Let's Talk About Vaccines [ And Why I Am Vaccine Free ]

Time for a very unpopular post because I am tired of everyone saying parents who don't vaccinate their children should die of measles themselves or have their children taken away from them.

Diseases do not start because parents don't vaccinate. Diseases start because diet and sanitary health is not being done properly. Sure diseases can spread after one person gets it, but they don't BEGIN there. 

It's time to stop being so blind & closed minded, and take a good look at BOTH sides of this huge topic of vaccinations. 

I will agree, vaccines can and have prevented dozens of deadly epidemics, so I am not saying no good has come out of them. I know they have saved many lives. And I believe in some areas, they should continue to be used. So don't go saying I shouldn't be closed minded (cause isn't that what you are being by saying vaccines are the ONLY way to go??) ... I haven't researched this and don't know what I am talking about... or if I experienced it first time, I'd feel differently... I have personal experience.

Vaccines just about killed me several times. 

You know when I finally stopped being sick all the time & could breathe normally and almost all of my health problems disappeared? 

When Mom said "Enough with the doctors & their vaccines & medications!" & started treating me with simple, mild, natural remedies.
Thank the good Lord for a Mama Bear who was willing to the go against the flow & deal with a lot of harsh criticism to protect her cub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And if this isn't enough, my Mom has newspaper clippings from the past 22 years proving all these vaccines aren't as safe as society is being lead to think they are: first year they report this type being safe, then the next year they report it actually wasn't safe and they have a new one instead... the 3rd year, the 2nd vaccine is no longer safe, and a 4th vaccine is invented... and so on it has gone! What does that tell you about their "latest and greatest" vaccines?

The medical system is programming parents to just believe whatever they are told, without researching it for themselves first.... how dumb is that? Since when did you take something just because "everyone else was taking it"? Isn't that precisely what we are telling our high school students not to do regarding all forms of drugs? 

Then at the same time, we never follow that rule with vaccines which are also DRUGS! ****DUH**** (And then we wonder why young adults are confused and lost and screwing up left n right.... *excuse me now* HAHAHAHAHAH! *sorry*... *but not sorry*** The answer just seems so blaring obvious to me!)

My whole point is, before you go calling anti-vaccine parents & people in general "fools", do your homework. Make sure you know your facts before you start yelling your opinion out there. And seriously, come up with some more original insults! We've heard all the ones y'all are using before! Personally, I'd love some creativity in the "insulting non vaccinators" department!

Now for the whole measles thing. I am going to include links to some very eye opening articles about the "measles vaccination" . The side affects are shocking, and oh, side note here~ the state of health someone has to be in before even coming in contact with measles & having it be deadly, is going to be exceptionally rare in North America.

Oh and if you think you can get me to shut up or change my mind by attempting to argue with me.... you don't know me very well at all, now do ya? Intimidation tactics don't work on this gal. 

 (very educational, I suggest reading first ^^^ ~ don't even think about commenting on my post until you've read these articles)

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